The Organization and Vision

Prudential Property Management Limited (Prudential) was established in 1998 and was incorporated in the province of Ontario Canada in 2004. Prudential provides property management services to both our domestic and foreign investors, within a portfolio that includes residential and commercial properties. On November 01, 2009, Prudential acquired the entire single unit residential and commercial management portfolio from Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. In order to ensure that Prudential is able to provide top level service to all its clients, Prudential has expanded the total number of employees and added a second office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Executives of Prudential Property Management Ltd.

Christalyn A. Sangary

Mrs. Christalyn Sangary is the founder of Prudential. Mrs. Sangary has been in the Property Management industry since 1987 when she started working for Greenwin Property Management Ltd. (GPM) in Toronto, Ontario and was employed with them for over ten years. During her tenure with Greenwin, Mrs. Sangary mastered the skills necessary to manage residential, commercial, condominium, non-profit, Metro Toronto Housing Authority and single unit management portfolios.

Due to family relocation, Mrs. Sangary left Greenwin and joined Equity Management International Ltd. in Ottawa, Ontario and worked exclusively in the commercial property management sector.

In 1998 Mrs. Sangary established Prudential and chose to focus on a limited portfolio of clients. As the demand has grown for strong, competent property management in the Greater Toronto Area, and with the recent acquisition of the Brookfield Residential Services Ltd. Portfolio, Mrs. Sangary has chosen to dedicate her full attention and time into the operation of Prudential and ensure that the same quality that Prudential clients have come to expect, will continue as Prudential grows.

Moses A. Aruliah
Vice President, Operations

Mr. Moses Aruliah has been a member of Prudential since its inception. Mr. Aruliah has played a vital role in both the acquisitions and leasing operations of Prudential and is now responsible for the overall operations of the organization. Mr. Aruliah has been in the property management and building security management industries since 1987. Mr. Aruliah brings to Prudential an enormous wealth of knowledge in the operation of property management and real-estate market.

Mr. Aruliah has an educational background in civil engineering and excellent customer service and through understanding of the physical and mechanical component of real estate asset management.

Along with holding a private investigator license, Mr. Aruliah is also a proprietor of a security firm that provides security services to many condominium corporations in the Greater Toronto Area. He is very familiar with law enforcement regulations pertaining to the property management industry.

Nagula T. Sangary
Vice President, Growth and Development

Dr. Nagula Sangary is a founding member of Prudential. Dr. Sangary has been involved in the company from inception and has been working with Christalyn on every front.

In addition to his involvement with Prudential, Dr. Sangary is a principal scientist at Research In Motion Limited, the makers of BlackBerry. Dr. Sangary is also an adjunct professor at two leading universities, McMaster University and University of Waterloo. As well Dr. Sangary is a member of many Board of Directors and advisory Boards.